• Brief History

    NWG started out as a model agency, but soon changed focus to the business it is today. We still help models, but now in a more practical fashion.

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    What’s New


    Charlie Bel Management

    Two new models from promotions company Charlie Bell Management pop into the studio to get new photos


    Charity Night

    We're heading over to Walkden to shoot as part of a Charity Ladies night

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    So you want to be a model?

    Think bout it, think some more, and then think again

    Modelling is not the glamourous profession that people think it is. It's hard work, can involve unsociable hours in some uncomfortable places. But saying that, it can lead to some great images, going to exotic location,s and meeting nice people IF you are very lucky. Very few make it to the top, but even as a part time hobby, you can still have a lot of enjoyment. But first, you need a portfolio.

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  • NWG So Far

    Where we can from, and where we are going

    NWG started out in 2007 as a model agency to try and help out the large number of models I'd worked with over the years.
    But I soon found out that others had more experience in getting work for models than I did. So NWG changed focus to concentrate on what we knew better. That was building portfolios for models, and giving them an insight into becoming better models, trying new things and progressing their careers.
    So now we advise new models on the best styles to work towards for thier stature, where to get work from, and how to network the industry.

    Styles We Cover

  • Headshots

    You are the Model. You are the Face. Let's see who you are.


    Catwalk or Catalogue. It's all about you making the clothing look it's best.


    Lingerie as fashion, where the emphasis is on the clothing, not the model


    Glamour. Be it clothed, or not, it's all about beauty and sex appeal


    The figure as the artists muse. Creation purely for aesthetics.

  • About My Recent Works


    JK is a regular here at NWG, and as such we have built up a great working relationship. So we have now started working together to get extra work through this great site (check out the links page).

    Out in the Wild

    Well, the countryside anyway. After Daisy and I worked on a feature for Medusa Magazine, we got together to enhance her portfolio with some classic outdoor art nude images.

    Sofistication and the Sea

    Jo is a great model, and I recently had the chance to work with her up in Northumberland by the gorgeous scenery of Bamburgh castle.

  • Contact Info

    North West Glamour

    28 Morland Ave, Wesham,
    Preston, PR4 3BU


    +44 (0) 1772 465258
    +44 (0) 7780 338070

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  • What's In The Pipeline

    Environmental Portraiture

    I'll be heading out of the studio again, to undertake some more portraits outdoors, and this time, at the beautiful Troy Quarry near Haslingden..

    Friends United

    Alison returns to my studio, this time bringing friends Leah and Ali.

    A Traveller from the East (well, Leeds)

    Natasha Belle has decided to travel over from Yorkshire into the heart of the Red Rose County for a boudoir session. I think we can finally say the War of the Roses has ended.

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